5 Insurance Chatbot Use Cases Along the Customer Journey

chatbot for insurance agents

Moreover, AI enables them to be smart enough to remember the user’s past choices and accelerate the process for them. For example, if a customer is a frequent traveler, then an intelligent chatbot should suggest the most suited travel insurance plan to them. This chatbot template helps you collect medical reimbursement requests or claims from patients by eliminating the added mailing time. This is the easiest and fastest way for your customers to file their claims. Engati provides a user-friendly platform that is easily accessible and responsive across all devices.


ChatGPT for insurance agents is generally considered safe to use, but like any AI technology, it has its limitations and potential risks. As insurance technology continues to evolve and impact various industries, it is essential for insurance agents to stay ahead of the curve. And this includes embracing new tools and methods to enhance their business operations.

Prepare for Scaling from Proof of Concept to Production

I plan most of my events using messenger and though people respond at a different time we are able to organize the event on time seamlessly. By getting a chatbot for an insurance agency you are better equipped to handle the competition. Also, you are getting a competitive advantage against those who are not leveraging Chatbot for their business.

In fact, a 2015 study conducted by IBM showed that 95% of insurance executives were intending to start or continue investing in AI capabilities in the future. As AI advances, it will be able to take on a more significant role within the support team. Today, there are a few key use cases that insurance carriers should leverage AI. Taking into consideration the high volume of tickets that insurance CS departments receive, even a small reduction in AHT will affect the bottom line. To use ChatGPT, you will typically need access to the API or pre-trained model provided by OpenAI. You can integrate ChatGPT into your application or platform using APIs or pre-trained models and fine-tune the model to fit your specific use case.

What other software (e.g. CRMs, ESPs) can Insurance chatbots integrate with?

He claims opening up Messenger is “the most important launch since the App Store! In the specialist insurance market of London, this mind set may have held the market in good stead since the days of the quill pen. For a better perspective on the future of conversational AI feel free to read our article titled Top 5 Expectations Concerning the Future of Conversational AI.

  • There are times when you want the content on your page to prompt the user to take the next step.
  • Moreover, chatbots may also detect suspected fraud, probe the client for further proof or paperwork, and escalate the situation to the appropriate management.
  • Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with customers and answer their questions.
  • An insurance chatbot is essentially your digital front desk, claims agent, and customer service rep rolled into one—but with a modern twist.
  • The insurers who know how to use new technologies — in the right place, at the right time — to do more, faster, for policyholders will be the winners in the race to deliver an unbeatable CX.
  • The time of renewal is also the perfect opportunity to cross-sell and upsell to clients.

Instead of making sales pitches, insurance chatbots answer questions and clarify doubts, in simple, fuss-free language that indicates that there’s nothing to hide. This chatbot is the perfect tool to generate leads if you’re an insurance broker. It explains the various benefits and procedures involved in the services provided.


They could request customers to send additional documents if they missed any. This saves customers from having to wait for the agent to get back with a reply. Thus, WhatsApp insurance chatbot’s end-to-end encryption allows your customers to exchange documents and other personal information with ease. In an insurance context, this will allow bots to respond to queries about complex products by referring policy documents and product descriptions without being trained on those specific queries. Unlike large finance or technology-heavy organisations, insurance firms have not had the need to transform their IT infrastructure in recent times.

chatbot for insurance agents

In short, a WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance allows companies to automate several offerings. Indicating, 97.05% of all customers who visit the ‘average’ website, have a flawed digital experience. We take a personalized approach to designing, developing, and deploying intelligent bots according to your business requirements. The insurance industry has its own challenges when it comes to conversational AI implementation. Specifically, text analytics using NLP can scan for ambiguities and rate risks in insurance applications based on claims.

Not only the chatbot answers FAQs but also handles policy changes without redirecting users to a different page. Customers can change franchises, update an address, order an insurance card, include an accident cover, and register a new family within the chat window. GEICO’s virtual assistant starts conversations and provides the necessary information, but it doesn’t handle requests. For instance, if you want to get a quote, the bot will redirect you to a sales page instead of generating one for you. You can run upselling and cross-selling campaigns with the help of your chatbot. Upgrading existing customers or offering complementary products to them are the two most effective strategies to increase business profits with no extra investment.

chatbot for insurance agents

The AI technology that is best suited to realizing that objective is Conversational AI – in the form of a chatbot or Intelligent Virtual Assistant. For example, consider the recent changes in the definition of critical illness as announced by the Life Insurance Association of Singapore. In a conversational AI interface, providers need to ensure that these changes are reflected when leads and customers enquire about health insurance. To get the most out of conversational AI, insurance providers need to train the system with a variety of different data sets.

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chatbot for insurance agents

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