The purpose of Valentina Romania Association is not to turn its beneficiaries into individuals dependent on social assistance but to help them overcome their own social and professional condition in order to fully assume their role as responsible parents.12-Parents-training-300x225 Despite their good will and practical help, we quickly noticed difficulties for parents, especially the Roma families, to find work.

Apart from the discrimination they sometimes are subjected to, their lack of skills is a major obstacle on the labour market. This is why we decided to help some parents acquire vocational training.

Consequently we looked for organisations offering relatively short-term vocational training (2 to 5 months) for attainable crafts such as: vendor, server, cook, bartender, merchant, pastry chef, baker, butcher, installer, electrician, carpenter, mason, painter, hairdresser, beautician, manicurist, caregiver, security guard…

At the end of their training, participants receive a certificate of qualification in their chosen profession, diploma recognized by the Ministry of Labour, which might aid the parents’ employment searches.