After receiving your donations for our bathroom renovation project, it is with great pleasure that we can now share the heart-warming results with you.

In this photo you can see the smiles worn by Andreea and Florinel, her dad, who thanks to your generosity have had their very own real bathroom since the early summer. The money collected via the crowd-funding platform Ulule, allowed us to buy a sink, a toilet, a mirror, and a lamp fixture in our partner’s store, LeRoy Merlin. With the help of his kind neighbour who is a plumber, this young father was able to install the material allowing Andreea to look her prettiest for the first day of school. Thanks to your donations in kind, the Valentina Association was also able to give Andreea her very own pink robe and soap bar. We plan to continue informing you of our progress through the upcoming months as more work is completed on other bathrooms.

Once again we would like to take this moment to thank-YOU for helping to make these childrens’ future brighter.

Warm regards from our team.


la petite fille et l'eau

salle de bain le pere et sa fille nvel image

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