2-Our history

In 1995, French volunteer provides material and medical’s help, and supports also psychological and pedagogical aspects for Romanian children in orphanages and hospitals.

In 1999, creation of the association Valentina France, partner and relay to Valentina România

In 2002, Valentina România is created. The team starts with the goal to prevent school dropout and family abandonment for children living in 5th sector of Bucharest, in Ferentari.

In 2006, Valentina România open Casa Valentina, it’s  a reception center, multidisciplinary assistance , academic support and enrichment activities for children.

In 2009, Valentina România grows up and developp activities with the creation of her fashion workshop: Mia. Since mothers receive support through professional training .

In 2016, Valentina România deepens his action and follows the teenager to his adult life. Valentina is helping 100 children and their family. They are selected by our expert team and according to their needs.