The association promotes access to kindergarten for children coming from poor families. A subsidy is given directly to schools for meals and other school supplies. Through these years of pre-school, children will enter primary school without being penalized, by previously following the necessary preparation.


Our goal:

Select 60 children between 3 and 7 years old, who will be monitored initially for 2 years; these children would be enrolled in six kindergartens located in Ferentari. Therefore, parents are released of childcare and can work or attend a training. Families improve their standard of living and children benefit by learning social values.
Without our financial aid (payment of the canteen and school supplies) children could not attend kindergarten and, most probably, later on, school.

How it works ?

  • Pre-schools, the District 5 City Hall, or neighbours of the families who are already in the program send the parents to Valentina Romania. The parents make a request to have their child go pre-school.

  • Our social worker conducts a social survey according to Valentina’s well-defined criteria. Each case is examined before the final agreement is signed and the child starts attending our programs. The parents sign a “loyalty to the school” consent form.

  • Our social workers monitor the children and maintain a regular and frequent contact with principals and educators.