The workshop was created in 2009 by a French expat.

 It targets women coming from disadvantaged social situations, by enabling them to make a living and obtain a qualification while receiving a sewing course.The Mia workshop currently welcomes 5 women from Bucharest’s District 5, directed by a professional tailor.

These women work half-days, five days a week, at the Casa Valentina and receive a salary. They either have children who are participating in our program and/or have a strong desire to become a professional tailor that will enable them at the end of the in this two year training to join the workforce.

The workshop is located in the Casa Valentina. Tailors benefit from structure and a friendly environment, suitable for self-fulfilment. Mia believes in the essential role the women have to play in the midst of their family, and consequently gives them the means to achieve their dignity and to exist in the social and economic life of their country.

Mia’s key objective is to develop the association in such a way that it can help the women involved in the program to find employment, and to potentially become the new trainees.
At the end of the two year program, one of our students has already found a stable job in a clothing factory.

Since its creation, Mia has developed several product lines:

  • Clothes for children (2-12 years)
  • Costumes
  • Tableware & interior decoration items
  • Bags and kits
  • Accessories

All our products are available in various fabrics, available in the catalogue and upon request.

Since 2013, we offer an embroidery service to customize and personalize your items.
Mia can also now offer some specific services such as repair work or tailor made designs (curtains, clothes).

More information about MIA

Contact: Lidia DINCA