Children coming from families living in Ferentari, sometimes lacking the prerequisites for a decent life (running water, electricity, gas), are penalised in school and often experience failure situations;

These children benefit from adequate conditions for deepening their schoolwork (well trained volunteers, classrooms, comfort and tranquillity) at Casa Valentina;9-Homework

-We help them learn while incorporating rules of conduct in the society, family, in their relationship with others (courtesy, discipline, sharing, helping out when placing things in order, cleaning…)

-We make sure they are having at least one hot meal a day (lunch is served daily at Casa);

-We engage them through games or crafts workshops, in leisure activities for children of their age;

At Casa Valentina, that offers adequate space for school related activities, an ever expanding team of volunteers was created in order to provide an appropriate framework.
Forty children between 7 and 17 years old benefit from