The Valentina Association spurred a full house on Sunday, the 14th of January 2018 while the stunning documentary “Les Pépites” directed by Xavier Lauzanne was shown. It was a great occasion for our association to wish a happy new year via the voices of the 6 childen from the Casa present at the event and collect donations from Bucharest’s francophone community.

In the midst of the winter weather, and despite these conditions, the Valentina volunteer team managed to mobilize 180 people in a week for a good cause:  the discovery of a story. A fabulous story of a French couple who travelled to Cambodia and saved 1000 children from the “Phnom Phen” landfill.

From the landfill to bare-basic accommodation, from primary school to professional training, every single detail was thought of in the minds of the couple with determination and goodwill.

The event was concluded with shocking testimonies, a few distressing pictures and messages of hope. At the end of the film, emotion could be felt and seen on the faces of both young and old.

Education in order to build a better future, that is in all the purpose of the Valentina Association. We would like to thank all the participants for their support and the French Institute for their warm welcome.

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