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When it comes to families living in poverty, the parent-child relationship can be rather tense at times. The parents need to spend a great deal of time and energy to ensure their family’s survival and don’t always have the time or the necessary emotional availability for their child. These parents often feel quite guilty and rather helpless when it comes to providing their child with ideal living conditions, and sadly, the children often feel this same weight. When it comes to education, not having benefited from much of an education of their own, parents are often at a loss and don’t know how to go about helping. With the help of the Valentina Association, the parents vow to get involved in their child’s life and development despite all these obstacles. We at the association organise parenting support helping them to better understand how to communicate with their child, how to take the child’s needs and expectations into consideration, and how to discipline without punishing. At first they are hesitant, but little by little, a trusting bond is created and they open up to us and to each other. As a direct result, certain parents, often the mothers, can at last become very close to their child.

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