In the Romanian capital city, the contrast between neighbourhoods is striking. When exploring the city, one can perceive a harsh social reality.1-About us

The Valentina Romania association is located in Bucharest’s District 5, in Ferentari. The day-centre, called Casa Valentina, is open during the week as well as during holidays and summer to help children pursue a normal scholarship. The objective is to support them so they can live a better future.

Specifically, 40 children are being helped out daily with homework; they attend creative and artistic workshops, and receive a meal. Their families are also being supported in the social and professional reinsertion. Valentina Romania also helps out 60 children in pre-scholarship (kindergarten). In total, the association supports 100 children, which represents 80 families.

The financing of the association only comes from private funds and donations from individuals, foundations and companies.

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