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In the Romanian capital city, the contrast between neighbourhoods is striking. When exploring the city, one can perceive a harsh social reality. The neighbourhood of Ferentari, which is located in the south-west of Bucharest, is the poorest of the capital. Affected by the decline since 1989, its deterioration has accelerated since the early 2000s. The families live in dilapidated blocks, where there is insecurity and unsanitary conditions. It therefore does not allow children to benefit from a proper education and encourages school dropout.

The Valentina Romania association is located in Bucharest’s District 5, in Ferentari. The day-centre, called Casa Valentina, is open during the week as well as during holidays and summer to help children pursue a normal scholarship. The objective is to support them so they can live a better future.

The Valentina association has set up two programs, which support 100 children, which represents 80 families. In concrete terms, 40 children are welcomed every day in the day centre to do their homework, follow educational and creative activities, as well as receive a hot meal. Their families are also followed in social and professional reintegration. In addition, Valentina România also helps 60 kindergarten children, so that they can have access to pre-school.

The financing of the association only comes from private funds and donations from individuals, foundations and companies.

Discover Valentina’s actions by entering into Luca’s daily life, a child enrolled in our “Day center” program.

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