2017 Christmas festivities

On this past December 17th up to sixty different families were present, together with their children, at the Valentina association’s Christmas celebration organized by its volunteers.

From 9:00 am two mothers, Vasilica and Camelia, both volunteers and members of the Valentina team are already busy creating the Christmas atmosphere at the sport hall of school 114, found nearby Valentina’s day center, which serves as the event’s location.

The Christmas tree is at the heart of the scene, beautifully decorated with garlands and other ornaments. Hundreds of gifts given by employees of sponsor firms such as DOC PROCESS, PENTALOG or ORACLE and a few other private donors’ gifts awaiting to be laid down by the  Christmas tree. There are pink wraps for girls and blue wraps for boys, a rainbow of packaging’s with many gifts, and this year, more than a hundred food packages donated to every family by CETELEM employees.

By 12:30 families began to arrive for the festivities. The youngest children of the “grădiniță” (kindergarten) are already taking their seats on the benches installed nearest to the Christmas tree. Adorned in their festive attire, their eyes sparkling the sight of the all the gifts full of surprises and a little intimidated at the idea of meeting Mos Craciun- the real Santa Claus!

13:00, the hall is full of children, adolescents and families, and as well all of our volunteers gathered together on this special day. As the atmosphere warms, impatience rises among the youngest children, and suddenly, the talking and shouting halt as two actors begin a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. While at first the wolf frightened the youngest children, they were quickly soothed to the act as the wolf began to joyfully dance and sing with little red riding hood.

After the show, the children of the day center start singing renditions of traditional Christmas carols; it was then – under the applaud of spectators – that Santa Claus appeared with his bag full of gifts.

As Crina, Gabriela and Diana take the stage, accompanied by Santa’s elves, the handing out and opening of gifts begun. The three organizers took the opportunity to whisper suggestions to the good ol’ Santa as to what gifts would rejoice the children at most – meanwhile the children appeared disconcerted at the sight of this joyful bearded individual who seemed to know all their desires… And exchange promises for a better future…

The celebration finishes off with a snack offered by “Baneasa Trail Run“, who for the occasion of its 10 year anniversary prepared – in collaboration with “NOODFOOD” – tasty wood fruit cakes which the children very quickly ate!

This event which reunited children along with their families, volunteers with their families, Valentina’s professional team and even representative of sponsors is an important moment in the life of our Association. It embodies the values to which we are attached: a mixture of charity, family happiness, social harmony and solidarity. Isn’t this after all the spirit of Christmas?

We would like to very warmly thank all those who contributed with their generosity to the success of this wonderful celebration; a parentheses of joy and happiness for all these families.

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