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By the time you finish the course, you will feel comfortable working with the Xero software, and perhaps even comfortable enough to register for your Xero advisor certification. This is the perfect amount of time to complete this foundational course, which is only an hour and a half long. During your Xero training, you will become well-acquainted with the key target costing and selling price areas of Xero through various educational lectures and training sessions. These best Xero training courses give you a solid foundation for becoming an expert advisor, giving you the knowledge and skills to serve clients to the best of your ability. Gain your Xero certification online with education and training that will help you advise your business clients.

  • Many accountants may have need of both systems and may have enough clients that dual certification makes sense.
  • YouTube is an amazing platform to find free courses since it is perhaps the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet and hosts instructors of all kinds.
  • That is to say, use these programs if they’re a good fit for your beliefs and practices, not because they seem like good ways to make easy money.
  • This brings advisors much closer to their customers and provides daily opportunities to add value.
  • Keys to being a trusted advisor is finding solutions that work for your clients, regardless of the perks offered by a vendor.

Cloud–This webinar is the one that all the old-school bookkeepers who are unsure about what all this “virtual” bookkeeping is about. If you want to become a Xero advisor, you will eventually need to become certified in the software. While, typically, this education can be labor-intensive and costly, you can put yourself ahead of the game by taking a free online course or a series of courses.

Managing Security in Xero

As mentioned above, YouTube is a free video-sharing platform where users can view and revisit any videos they like as long as they have access to a Google account. Eventually, you will be completely equipped to use Xero, make smart financial decisions, and advise clients and businesses on using Xero. During your learning, you can also develop specializations and explore all of the features Xero has to offer. There are flexible education options, meaning there will always be time to continue your training. Our product and technology teams are constantly making improvements in Xero, implementing changes to give our customers an even better experience. The #XeroCertified quarterly product update webinars inform you of key product changes, help you work efficiently with Xero products and support your clients more effectively.

Sorry jump in on this original question, however I am am also trying to become a Xero partner with no success. I have completed the form on Xero U several times but have not received a confirmation email or call. I am desperately trying to register for some training but this is holding me up. Join our community of 30 million+ learners, upskill with CPD UK accredited courses, explore career development tools and psychometrics – all for free. QuickBooks certification is like many other certifications, in that it’s a resume booster.

How Long Do Xero Advisor Certification Courses Take?

The PDR with then schedule a second (30-45 min.) call, or if you have the time, they can do it all on that first call. We offer the most in-demand accounting skills taught by people at the top of their fields. Sign up to learn how to use Xero’s cloud-based accounting software and its many features to handle your finances and simplify bookkeeping. The Xero accounting software offers a certification course that must be taken yearly and should be renewed if you want to continue being Xero certified.

Set up your small business in Xero

However, learning Xero is an entirely different task that will require much of your attention. If you are curious about becoming Xero certified or learning how to use the Xero platform, we’ve found 10 free Xero advisor certification courses to help you out. They were chosen based on a methodology we use to help us find only the top free courses. Becoming a Xero certified Partner is managed separately to Support questions, so one of our Sales team will be in touch with more info on this soon.

QuickBooks Certification

I’m just starting to look into setting up a Xero account to potentially get certified. I want to have both certifications so that I can grow as an accountant as a business. QuickBooks has the more straightforward certification program, though the test does add in a hurdle. You’ll need to put aside a day to take part in Xeros live webinars, as they run for two and a half hours in the morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch.

Udemy, similar to SkillShare, is an online educational platform that allows users and instructors to upload their own courses to the catalog, both professional and creative in nature. Virtually anything you want to learn about can be seen on Udemy, and this quick course from TMR Tutorials is a testament to just how quickly you can pick up some subjects. This class, taught by Robert Steele, teaches you all about bank feeds in Xero, which is one of the primary skills you will need to learn in order to succeed. Robert is a master of Xero, Quickbooks, and other accounting tools, meaning he is more than qualified to teach this course. During this top free Xero accounting course, you will learn how bank feeds work and how the data from bank feeds can be used to create financial statements.

Xero Accounting Software Overview – Free Xero Training Video Review

Online courses are widely considered to be pretty achievable, but you might still have some questions going into one. This is why we’ve created the following section, where we outline some of the most frequently asked questions about free courses for Xero advisor certification. Ideally, getting some answers will settle your nerves and make you feel better about starting a new course for Xero. Becoming a Xero advisor can be hard work, especially when you have to become certified and renew that certification every year. It might seem very stressful to move into a new piece of software that you know nothing about, especially if you haven’t done any bookkeeping before.

@Henzard, thanks for the link, but that’s to become an add-on partner instead of an accounting partner. Get additional benefits and free software as you move up the partner status levels from bronze to platinum. Join and get Xero-certified to get Xero for your practice accounts, plus Xero HQ for managing clients. TMR Tutorials is an Indian accountant with more than 5 years of experience working with a Big 4 business in India.

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