How To Enter The BIOS On Any PC in 2022 WePC

This opens the Microsoft Store app to the appropriate Switch Out of S Mode page. We have launched a Norton Security app that runs in Windows 11/10 in S mode. This allows our existing customers to use their subscription even in Windows 11/10 in S mode. On Windows 11, S mode is supported only on the Home edition. Windows 10 […]

Windows 10 1909 Build 18362 10022 Out for the Slow Ring

Just paste the screenshot in any image field and it will be shared. Now click-and-drag to select the area of which you want to take a screenshot. When you’ll let go, the screenshot of selected area will be copied to the clipboard. If you want to quickly share the current state of your screen or window without editing, then it’s […]

Windows 11 Update Free Upgrade PCs to Microsoft Windows 11 OS

It makes it easier for you to take a picture of any screen and save it as an image file on your computer. With the tool installed on your PC, you don’t have to install any other apps for your screenshot capturing needs. Press ALT+PRINT SCREEN by holding down the ALT key and then pressing the PRINT SCREEN key. The […]

Windows 11: Release Date, Requirements, All We Know

Search for Snipping Tool in the Start Menu search box to launch the app. If you found the information shared useful, save this page for future reference and spread the word. If you have a better method, please share it with us. Sometimes a mouse pointer disappears only when it moves over certain applications. Common examples include video player applications […]

Windows Server Network Load Balancer

PowerDVD is a multimedia app that enables you to play high-quality video. It allows you to organize your media content in one place. The tool gives you on-demand access to your library from any screen or device. DVD player tools provide support for devices like HDTV and TV. Active Directory repair option is used to repair the Active Directory server. […]