How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Guide- Launch Your Coin or Token

Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are popular choices, but there are many other options to consider. Consider factors such as cost, scalability and security when making your decision. For example, all ERC20 token transactions require some ETH for gas in order to execute. Before creating a cryptocurrency, there are a few important considerations to mull over. While most will be […]

ECN Forex Brokers: Honest Ratings of FX Brokers 2023

By having an ECN account, you can get several benefits such as faster order executions and lower spreads. With its popularity and a trend of ECN trading there are many brokers stating its Broker ECN Forex status. However, the only true ECN Brokers are brokers with the confirmed regulatory status and strong legit obligations. Based on our tests there are […]

How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Paper wallets were a vital tool for early Bitcoin adopters, enabling secure and straightforward storage of their valuable cryptocurrency. A paper wallet is a crypto wallet that consists of your private and public keys printed on a piece of paper. Once generated and printed, this information doesn’t exist anywhere else. The answer to the question “what is the safest way […]

How Forex Brokers Make Money? A-Book vs  B-Book Model Articles

I’m dating myself but when I first started at the Dijkstra Agency as Sandy’s assistant, we submitted everything by snail mail (okay, FedEx). We’d sit on the floor of the office in a makeshift assembly line and put together the submission. So it’s unbelievably refreshing to do most communication by email now. He’ll also be looking for information on next-generation […]