Prin educație ajungem la stele

Prin educație ajungem la stele

« Mi-ați promis că astăzi vorbim despre planete »: Victor*, un băiețel de 8 ani cu zâmbet de strengar, nu lasă să treacă nicio zi fără să învețe ceva nou. Asemeni lui, 100 de copii provenind din familii defavorizate și sprijiniți de asociația Valentina au mers la gradinita sau la scoala în anul ce se încheie, cu ghiozdanul plin de vise, multumita ajutorului […]

How to List Remote Work on Your Resume + Examples

If you have worked remotely a lot, you can even create a new section for it. Focus on such skills as digital communication skills, time management, cross-cultural literacy, and organization. Mention that you have a reliable equipment, stable connection and a set up home office – this will show that you take work from home seriously. In addition to […]

DevOps Engineer Salary in United Kingdom Average Salary

Benchmark testing helps them identify areas of inefficiency in the system and mitigate potential issues before they arise. DevOps engineers often oversee and manage multiple IT projects simultaneously. In practice, this means they schedule and run meetings, set deadlines, check in with team members, delegate work, assess work, coach teammates, and advise on project decisions. There are several approaches to […]

Advanced Networking Digital and Classroom Training

Figure 4 – Without transitive routing, VPCs peered through a hub cannot reach one another―they can only reach directly connected VPCs. For instances running VPN software, there are many APN Partner options (Check Point, Cisco, F5, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Sophos, to name a few) as well as open source options for VPN. These offer great flexibility, and high availability is […]

Word 2019 Tutorial Learn the tools on Ms Word 2019

The course comes with exercise files and instructor demo files. You will need to download both the Advanced Word 2019 Exercise Files and the Advanced Word 2019 Instructor Demo Files to your PC or Mac (the files are not compatible with a mobile device). Once you are done you can close the ‘Learning Tools’ tab  and return to your document […]

10 Online Courses That Help You Find Remote Work and Succeed

This demand for cybersecurity skills has created nearly half a million job openings in the United States alone in 2021 [3]. Social media marketers leverage social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. As social media becomes a business necessity across industries, demand for savvy social media experts will likely continue […]

Best Practice for Effectively Working Across Time Zones

Do you want to improve your message writing skills when your team is working remotely? Next, use these suggestions to help your team communicate more effectively while working remotely. Teams working remotely in a different time zone exchange messages with one other without expecting a response right away. Employees can give each response the time and attention it deserves when […]