Now for the second consecutive year, the Christmas market held at the French school took place last December 21st for the benefit of our association. The children of the kindergarten created some fantastic Christmas goodies which were then sold to the French school parents – this after a stunning rendition of carols performed under the winter cold.

The creativity of the professors and their students allowed the young artists to collect the incredible sum of 5200 RON for Valentina in record timing!

In order to congratulate the pupils of the French school for this generous act, a team of volunteers from our association made a visit to the school on the 25th of January in order to present a few pictures to the students showing the lives of the children of Valentina in their neighborhoods, and their activities at the Casa. The volunteers then gratefully thanked all of the young donators and took the time to explain as to what purpose their donations would serve.

Once again we express a big thank you to the students, professors, and administrative staff of the French school.

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