“The association AS 24 România wanted to add value to the community we live in. Since 2014, we have participated in the actions proposed by the association Valentina Romania and in the program of volunteers who help children from disadvantaged families to have access to education. Youth education means a chance for a better future, a helping hand for a better life to which all children are entitled, regardless of the environment from which they come. There are examples of charity campaigns which you may see in the media but it is nothing compared to the emotion you feel when you get involved.Supporting the implementation of social programs is one of the values of our company.

We therefore warmly accepted the projects of the association and provided financial means to support them in their efforts. These financial resources are dedicated to the material support of children in the kindergarten program, homework help, participation of children in various sports, entertainment, cultural activities and especially in the distribution of hot meals daily.Children from disadvantaged families need to be guided, directed, involved because this is the only way to achieve good results that will ultimately reduce school dropout. We firmly believe in the power of good deeds that can change people and communities. At the same time, we know that to become reality, good deeds need support and recognition. We have the Embassy of France at our side together with many partners, sponsors and personalities; all eager to participate actively in the well-being of the society in which they live.The most important role lies in the leadership team of dedicated people – pedagogues, social workers, psychologists and volunteers. For them, the association Valentina is a responsibility assumed with enthusiasm every day “.

You too, join us and become friends of the association Valentina!

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