“The year 2013 was marked by the Xavier and Béatrice de Carmantrand’s departure at the end of July, after two years of service to Casa Valentina. The presence of a couple in an environment consisting of women and children is an advantage that gave the centre a family spirit. Xavier brought his experience in management and a male presence with adolescents often lacking fatherly figure. Beatrice was “the soul of the house”, always attentive to the children but also the employees and volunteers who found herself as heart-worming Mother figure. Their joy of helping others is a beautiful testimony to all the people with who they worked alongside. We thank them dearly for all of this.

The circumstances did not permit to replace them with another couple but Adina’s arrival as the Director of Casa Valentina shows that it is important to give way to a Romanian whose great qualities quickly proved easily noticeable by everyone. Fidesco policy whose aim is to put faith in the heart of the development is also about passing the torch to a local where this is possible. The example shows that Casa Valentina is a success.

Fidesco continues to support this project through its experience in project management but also through financial aid. Sharing experience is fruitful and that is what Fidesco strives to implement with its involvement in Romania Valentina. 

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