In Romania
Together with president Alice WECK and executive director Gabriela GHEORGHE


  • Administrator: Antoneala Florentina FLOREA
  • Social worker: Loredana Georgiana STANGA, Diana BONTAS
  • Pedagogue: Crina POPESCU, Iemima GRECU
  • Psychologist: Carmen BADEA



MIA sewing workshop:

Sales officer: Lidia DINCA                                    Dressmakers: Simona Vasilica, Silvia , Nuți & Cristina



benevolesMany Romanian and international volunteers are also part of the Valentina team and come regularly to help the kids with their homework and other activities. Another 20 international volunteers are helping with the MIA workshop, fundraising and events.




From France, a dedicated team, lead by former director Xavier de Carmantrand, also supports our action.