You are Romanian or speak Romanian: come help the children with their homework!


You are of all nationalities and want to give a little of your time: come regularly or occasionally and share an activity of your choice with our children (games, dance, creative workshops, teach English of French through game, cultural get away, walks through the park… ). You want to get involved depending on your skills in the management of the association (events, fundrising, communication …), then contact Gabriela GHEORGHE

You can also support our actions through Mia (link to Mia workshop web page) or Bucabooks and Bucakids

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BUCABOOKS : the charity shop is a second hand book store to the benefit of Valentina România!

Its purpose is to give a second life to books in French and foreign languages, for children and adults, new or used. Books, magazines, comics, DVDs…you have a lot to choose from and for a very affordable price (starting from 5 lei). Managed by a French speaking team of expatriate volunteers, its doors are open since February 2013 near Piata Victoriei once a week or by appointment.
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BUCAKIDS is a second-hand donation deposit to the benefit of Valentina Romania.
For international customers, BucaKids has a nice selection of formal wear and the financial contribution will support the children in their host country.
Found in Pipera, BucaKids offers to the French expatriates community, Spanish, English, Italian and others a wide selections of clothing, often designer clothing, for 0 to 14 year old children, shoes and childcare products .
Throughout the year you can drop items in good condition that relate to child’s world: clothes, games, childcare. Only the articles in excellent condition are presented to our visitors, the rest is given to various charities for children.
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