On July 13, 2017, the Swiss municipality of Vevey granted a financial contribution of CHF 2,000 in order to organize the summer camp for children who are part of our education program. Our association implements it for the disadvantaged children of the poor districts of Bucharest. The summer camp project was eagerly awaited by the 40 children who attend our day center; the Casa where they receive daily scholastic support. An educator introduced the children’s holiday program by explaining the constraint of the reduced number of children to 20.The identification of the 20 participants was done on several criteria:

  • end-of-year academic results – transition to the higher class
  • school progress over this period
  • the behavior of children in the Casa

The implementation of this evaluation has been a real incentive for children who have made real efforts to mobilize at work and change their behavior with their peers. At the end of this period, 20 children between 9 and 17 years old left for the Pedagogical Farm of Cornatel, from the 21st to the 27th of August 2017, accompanied by 2 supervisors of the association and the director, Gabriela.

The change of scenery was total for these children who generally never left their neighborhood. The horizon as far as the eye can see, without any construction to stop the view of the Carpathians, impressed them a lot. The groups were divided into the dormitories, involving an older child in each younger group, to create a context of accountability.

The activities offered throughout the stay alternated moments of learning and moments of relaxation. An on-site sports teacher took charge of all sports activities: ping pong, archery, karting, cycling, horse riding, hiking … For all the children, these initiations were a real discovery.

Environmental awareness was at the heart of leisure activities and creation: creation of habitats for ants, nature walks to discover the flora and fauna, animal care and discovery of the rhythms of farm life (treats cows, food distribution, maintenance …). It was during a picnic hike that the children learned about water rationing, and developed an awareness of the need to preserve natural resources.

Surrounded by kindness, these children were able to let go off the pressure of the survival-led environment in which they struggle daily with their families. Valentina’s supervisors were also able to discover other personality traits of the children. Confidence bonds are woven to build the future of these children.On behalf of the 20 children who participated in this life experience but also on behalf of all the children who will benefit from this experience in the coming years, we thank  the Vevey Municipality for their commitment and support in helping to prepare for the future of these young people citizens of the world.

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