This year, pressed by the pandemics and its constraints (such as physical – and indeed social distancing), Valentina has had to adjust its ways to keep the contact with the children and helping them on their schooling.

Among many friends and sponsors who bring efficient support, ley us mention DOCPROCESS.

This Romanian company is specialised in services to business such as supplier relationship management and all dematerialisation processes. This says how much advised their help comes to Valentina’s pedagogical team, and, naturally, it has been dedicated to buying tablets and connections: hence, under the guidance of the team, the children connect to their school, as it goes more and more on-line, or to complementary courses (foreign languages, maths, etc.).

All children and the Valentina team send to DOCPROCESS their sincere thanks and good wishes for Christmas and New Year.

For memory, Mrs Daniela APOLOZAN, DOCPROCESS general manager, is a member of the Board of Valentina.

All  children deserve a future, let`s help them build it!

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