Under a beautiful sun, it was the rush at 8 am on October 6 to be ready to welcome bargain hunters who were at the door for the opening. And bargaining started, 10 lei, 5 lei, some beautiful pieces were sold for 50 or 100 lei.

But it was not just a garage sale: the goal of our charity sale is to collect money for the children of Valentina.

Preparation work was done long in advance. Many people from the French and international communities (especially in May-June) contacted us to give many different items. We played the movers and picked up everything! (objects, trinkets, dishes, children’s games, childcare equipment and of course shoes and clothes of all styles and sizes). Then we sorted them out and kept the defect-free articles that seemed saleable. Our solidarity bookshop Bukabooks and our second-hand shop Bukakids also sold books and kids clothes.

At the end of the day, we gained the equivalent of 416 meals for Valentina’s children.

The unsold items were distributed to several associations, some boxes of men’s clothes to Parada, games and equipment for hospitalized children, to the association Fundatia Inocenti, and the rest to the families of Valentina.

You did not attend? Well, you clearly missed the opportunity to share a good moment of happiness but you may have the opportunity to come to the next one that we will organize next spring!


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