Sensitization on the dangers of drugs

On the 7th of June, the association Carusel came to the Casa in order to realize a sensitization with our teenagers. The speaker talked about the dangers of drug and consequences linked to its consumption. He fixed a listening and kindness atmosphere : the teenagers were well receptive and could express themselves, ask questions with confidence. The association Carusel also […]

1st of June : children’s official day

In Romania, the 1st of June is the children’s official day. This year, our partner Cora invited us to its building ! Twenty children of Valentina Romania went there and had a very nice afternoon : drawing contest, making up and a clown made them have a good time. After sharing cakes and drinks, they also received a bag with […]

Bucar’Help : French students support Valentina Romania

Thanks to the association “Bucar’Help”, a very important moment took place on the 9th of April : nearby 70 children took part to a sportive day ! They were invited to the sport area “Ion Tiriac” for having fun and sharing sport values, such as team spirit, trenscendence, respect and friendliness. All the materials needed for this day were been […]

2016: A new logo for new projects!

2016: A new logo for new projects!

With our new visual branding including a logo of a book being held by children, the Valentina Association of Romania is reaffirming its dedication to the education of the underprivileged youth of the Ferantari neighborhood of Bucharest. Since its inception in 2002, Valentina has helped the children from this sector and has stayed there to see them grow up. In […]